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Welcome to the Kuldīga District Museum

TUE. 12.00–18.00
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+371 22015462

International scientific conference on the history of the Duchy of Courland and Kuldīga 

The Kuldīga District Museum is located in the place where the town’s history starts.


The legendary Bangert’s Villa stands on the picturesque banks of the River Venta. The old building’s balcony opens an amazing view of the Venta Rapid, brick bridge and Livonian Order castle site.

Travel 120 years back into the past and have a look into the apartment of a well-off Kuldīga dweller shown in the museum’s exhibition! The apartment’s luxurious interior emanates an aura of old time elegance and welfare and make it seem that its owners have left only for a moment and will return very soon.

The villa of a well-off entrepreneur Louis Bangerts who lived at the start of the 20th century, was renovated in 2014, preserving its authentic settings and cultural heritage. Visitors of Bangert’s villa can have a look in the past and return to the time when the house was inhabited by Mr. and Mrs. Bangerts.

Get to know Kuldīga before us!

In the museum, learn about the origins of ancient Kuldīga and its historic development. Have a look at old museum pieces, the witnesses of past events. Find answers to questions on how the town originated and developed and on how Kuldīga landscape and inhabitants have changed in the course of time.


Get to know the history!

Celebrate an event in a museum!

Take your time enjoying culture and art!